Ginger Sanders was born and raised in North Alabama. She grew up on a farm, learning how to drive in the middle of a hay field. She was raised in a home that believed in Christ and that is what gives her the hope of seeing her parents and sister who are already in heaven. Ginger was brought up in a home filled with southern hospitality, where cooking and serving others was expected. She enjoys friends and family times together, but also enjoys being out on the mission field, whether at home or in a foreign land.

She retired from her job in the world of finance and returned to the roots that grounded her, serving others. She and her husband have trained and served with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and are now serving as chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team as Chaplain Coordinators. They are called out when disasters, natural and manmade, to give emotional and spiritual care.

Ginger has traveled extensively, speaking at women’s conferences, youth conferences, retreats, various events. She has led many different bible studies and classes for men, women, and youth. One of the things most important to her is being able to see people grow in the Lord. But, more importantly, that they know Christ and have a personal relationship with Him.

She gives God Glory for all the things He has allowed her to witness, knowing it was Him and Him alone that provided the love and resources. She has learned never to give up on God, that He is always there, with His child. One of her most well-known sayings, “It was a God thing!” has been proven over and over and it still amazes her.

Ginger is married to her best friend and high school sweetheart, Denny. They adopted two children from South Korea, Jamie and Kara, and then had two biological children, Todd and B.J. Ginger prayed for mates for their children, while they were still young, and feel so blessed with their three daughters in laws and son in law that God has put into the family. They are blessed with eleven grandchildren, which are spread out across the United States, with their parents. However, Ginger looks forward to the times of family get-togethers at their lakeside home in Alabama.

She has been writing for several years and has written a children’s book, ‘Round Eyes,’ based on a true story of when their little boy from Korea realized he looked different. God answered prayers in bringing all of their children to them. She then published 'He Goes Before Us,' which is 31 faith-building stories sharing amazing experiences that only God could have orchestrated as a Rapid Response Chaplain for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization. 

Her award winning book, 'Fireflies,' is a story that helps children see God's light to give them hope in the midst of tragedy and loss. Children often have a difficult time understanding death of a loved one, but with this beautifully illustrated book, God's hope is shared in a positive way. There is also a Memory Page in the back of the book to share a photo and a memory. A very simple 'How to Lead a Child to Christ' page and prayer are also included. Ginger gives God the praise for allowing her to share this sweet, true story of a young family to give others answers and hope in the midst of sorrow. You may purchase any of her books at or at any bookstore or online. 

Mama Browning’s Teapot

By Ginger Sanders

It is plain, simple and green

It has held teabags

Buttons and string.

But what is most amazing as days gone by

Are the problems that were solved with it sitting nearby.

From tears to laughter filling the room,

Sharing old stories from morning till noon,

That little teapot sat patiently near,

Listening to the mending being made right here,

Whether in the heart or on a shirt,

 Or sometimes a button on daddy’s handkerchief.

All was in love, whence came from above,

As our family shared every drop

Of what was inside

Of Mama Browning’s little green teapot.